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Hansard not keeping up with the times

Financial query: David Burt, the Premier, has not listed his expenses since January (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

I am querying why there are no Hansard official parliamentary reports since March 7, 2018 — just over three months?

Have the debates ceased being officially reported or is there some other reason? And is the Speaker of the House aware of this?

Also, what is happening with the ministers’ travel expenses? The Premier has not listed any travel expenses since his Davos, Switzerland trip in January.

Has he not travelled on official duty/business on behalf of Bermuda since January?

Yet the most diligent and up-to-date ministerial travel expenses reported are for the tourism minister.

Kudos to the tourism minister in the interest of transparency, accountability and adherence to his ministerial pledge of fiscal responsibility.


London, England