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Flawed argument for independence

Sterling work: Grant Gibbons activated satellite slot from which Bermuda will benefit

Dear Sir,

I write in response to a recently published letter written by Raymond Russell which was titled “The possibilities if we go it alone”.

I have known Mr Russell for many years and have had many conversations about Bermuda with him. I have always respected his opinion, but in this case I must write to correct inaccuracies in his letter.

He contends that as an independent country we will be able to collect all monies from airlines that fly through our airspace. At present, if we had the capability, we could do so. I am aware this matter has been discussed over the past few years, but by international convention we would be able to cover the cost only of providing the service. Thus, independence does not play a part in this matter, in my view.

Mr Russell also mentions our satellite space and shipping registry in contending that Britain collects all the money. This is not correct. As many should be aware, former minister Grant Gibbons did great work in activating our satellite slot with EchoStar 6, from which Bermuda should benefit directly.

Simply put, the British are not collecting money that is “rightfully ours”.

While Mr Russell may favour independence, his argument to justify it is flawed and his information is not factual in a number of ways.