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Drivers, please stop at road crossing

Stop for pedestrians: the zebra crossing outside the aquarium

Dear Sir,

Every morning I take bus No 10 or 11 to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo to volunteer.

The pedestrian crossing that is right next to the bus stop across the street from the aquarium, whenever I press the button to cross the street, I stop and pause before I cross.

So the other morning, I pressed the button to cross. I stopped and paused, looked both ways before I crossed, and just as I was about put one foot on the ground, before I even made one step, two cars flew right past me and didn’t even stop.

What part of stop when people are crossing a crosswalk do people not understand. I think it’s the “C” part.

I have seen police presence in our parking lot right across the street from the aquarium, making sure people are not speeding. It’s just really dangerous that people don’t even think to stop when people are about to cross at a crosswalk.