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Reconnecting with long-lost pen pal

Alvin and Pierrette: a cutting from 1981 article

Dear Sir,

I am a Canadian lady looking for a long-lost pen pal. When I was a teenager in the 1960s, I wrote to your newspaper asking to publish my letter looking for a pen pal.

A Bermudian fellow by the name of Alvin Daniels wrote back to me. We became friends. He visited Canada and in 1981, I visited Bermuda.

At that time, we contacted your newspaper and they decided to write a story about us.

Then we lost contact. If I find Alvin, I am thinking of going back to Bermuda. You may want to publish a new story some 40 years later.


Ottawa, Canada

Editor’s note: Mlle Thibaudeau has permitted the publication of her e-mail address, pr.thibaudeau@rogers.com, should Alvin Daniels or anyone affiliated with him wish to contact her.