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Race-baiting has become fashionable

Jamahl Simmons

June 23, 2015

Dear Sir,

I know in the Criminal Code, it is an offence to racially harass “a person” if it’s intended to cause distress, fear or alarm. I guess “a person” must also mean many people.

So maybe it’s right to draw the following to the attention of the Police, particularly, and the community generally.

On Facebook a few days ago, the woman known as Aunt Peggy (Remember her? The one with the sign that said white people were all mentally ill) said this:

“No more debating and arguing about the subject of racism. As long as white people, the harbingers of death, remain on the earth so shall racism.

“We must prepare for their departure. The plucking out is coming, ’cause evil won’t reign forever. So, no more debating and arguing about the subject of racism.”

If that’s not racially motivated hate speech, I don’t know what is. I, for one, am distressed and alarmed.

It seems to be the fashion these days to spice up what you’re saying with a little race-baiting. Around the same time that Aunt Peggy was calling white people the harbingers of death, MP Jamahl Simmons was ranting about white people in the House of Assembly.

He called the OBA the ideological and philosophical descendants of the people who made his grandfather a second-class citizen by using immigration as a weapon against black people. In retaliation, he said, his grandfather and others of his generation felt justified in burning Hamilton down.

The message was clear to those who were listening: change your immigration policy, OBA, or else.

Guess we should call him Uncle Peggy.