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Same-sex debate's thorny precedent

Same-sex marriage supporters and Preserve Marriage demonstrators both make their opinions known on the grounds of Cabinet Building. (Photograph David Skinner)

Dear Sir,When someone with an open mind approaches the subject of governmental intrusion into its citizen’s personal lives, it would be important to note that once that door is opened, it becomes nearly impossible to shut it. The danger is the precedent set by any insistence on a referendum to determine whether or not couples of the same sex should be allowed to enjoy a right given so naturally to the traditional idea of marriage being only for a man and woman. Let’s not be ignorant about it. It is a right. A basic human right, and to deny such a thing, or even accept a protest against same-sex marriage by a group of concerned citizens is inherently wrong. That any one group would inject a position of personal beliefs into a public policy is also wrong. While I accept that there is a foundation for their belief system, it also must be noted that this, too, is a right, to practise any form of religion, to worship any form of god is not something that is widely accepted in certain areas of the world, and to have that right is as important as having the right of freedom of expression to openly declare it. Still, religion is, and always was meant to be, a basis of personal reflection and not something that everyone should be forced to accept. Movements of this nature are extreme and must always be resisted. Narrow-minded points of view such as this must be told that, while it is perfectly fine to have an opinion, it is not perfectly fine to force that opinion on anyone else. What’s next? Sharia law? Shall our women become the next victims of religious fanaticism? Shall they be demanded to wear burkas, and be stoned to death for impure thoughts? Once the door is opened ... It is important for the Government, any government of the people, to dismiss a singular point of view in favour of a bigger, more united picture, one where people should be allowed to openly declare their love for one another, and to celebrate that love in a real and normal way, through marriage. PHILLIP RAY