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Please tidy up hurricane mess

Hurricane eyesore: ferry tourists must be shocked by debris at Sea Express Lane

Dear Sir,

What do we have to do to get a gardening/landscaping crew to clear the overgrown shrubbery and fallen trees on the access road to the Rockaway Ferry (Sea Express Lane)?

There are still trees that fell in the last hurricane that have not been removed; now we have more after Hurricane Nicole. All the paths are overgrown and pedestrians are “dicing with death” walking in the middle of the road, as there is nowhere else to walk. The sides of the road are so overgrown that two cars can barely pass each other and now, with the construction traffic, it is worse. The whole road is a disgrace.

Last week some kind person actually mowed around the two seats across the road from the seniors home, as the grass had grown up so much there was no way anyone could sit on the seats.

Tourists using the ferry from Pompano Beach see this every day and they must wonder if they are entering a jungle or Third World country. But no doubt by the time the America’s Cup rolls around, all this will be beautifully landscaped, trees removed and the paths cleared so everyone can use them again.