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Virgil leaves job with reinsurer to start professional organising business

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Labour of love: Organised Solutions Bermuda owner Jodi Virgil (Photo by Akil Simmons)

Jodi Virgil left a great job at a reinsurance company to follow her passion and launch her own business, aimed at helping others become more organised and efficient.The former HR administrator and talent development manager at RenaissanceRe says her new venture is designed to increase efficiency and decrease stress.Organised Solutions Bermuda is a professional organising company, she said, that works with clients to develop processes and implement goals that ultimately can create time and save them money.The company provides customised organising solutions specialising in: business process management, residential space enhancement, electronic and paper systemising, student and personal organising.“I have a natural passion for organising and this blends my skills as both an educator and working in the reinsurance industry — it’s a perfect fit,” Ms Virgil said, adding her decision to leave RenRe was a “risk but a calculated one”. “I sometimes think you have to be fearless and that is part of my personality. If not now, when?”The idea for Organized Solutions was conceived when Ms Virgil, a former middle and secondary school teacher, returned to Bermuda in July 2005, after living for nearly a decade in the US where she worked as an educator.After experiencing the “downsizing phenomena”, she knew that in order to make a smaller area work, she would have to use every bit of available space and make sure that everything had its own space.“Decluttering became essential and residential organising was the first focus of the business,” she said.Organised Solutions will help organise everything from funerals to homes and households, and in the business world, it will help a company increase efficiency with the staff and resources it has, and help set goals for employees that align with the company’s goals, and motivate the employees.“In these times we all have to manage increased workloads and do more with less,” she said.Organised Solutions offers rate packages depending on type and level of service required. Her most reasonable package is a three-hour session on getting organised and where to start.According to the National Association of Professional Organisers the official definition of a professional organiser is someone who “enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organising principles and through transferring organising skills. They also educate the public on organising solutions and the resulting benefits. Professional organisers help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life.”As Ms Virgil points out, there are significant costs to being disorganised.For example:— The total cost for full-time employees looking for misplaced items in office or on the computer is estimated at $177 billion.— Employees spend roughly 25 percent to 35 percent of their time looking for the information they need to do their jobs.— In addition, research showed late fees for credit card payments rose to $18.1 billion in 2006 from $17.1 billion in 2005.Business support often includes systemising documents, improving processes and ensuring the alignment of individual SMART goal setting to Company goals. Both of these increase productivity, profitability, performance and passion for work, she said.Residential organising can involve a range of projects such as decluttering closets, home offices, or storage areas.Surveys show that getting rid of clutter eliminates 40 percent of housework in an average home.Personal organising becomes essential during traumatic times in individuals’ lives such as death of a family member.“When people are organised, they feel more in control of their lives and have an increased sense of overall well-being,” she said. “The systems that we create help to save time and money for personal and business budgets alike.”Organised Solutions Bermuda is a member of the National Association of Professional Organisers.To arrange for a free consultation with Organized Solutions Bermuda please contact Jodi Virgil at 704-3725 or e-mail at jodi.virgil@organizedsolutionsbermuda.com or visit the website at www.organizedsolutionsbermuda.com.

Organised Solutions Bermuda owner Jodi Virgil (Photo by Akil Simmons) November 8,2012