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Big waffles and bigger ambitions

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Foodworx Uptown Eatery, featuring a signature chicken n waffles dish on the menu, is opening today at noon. Situated in the heart of northeast Hamilton — a vibrant, community oriented part of the city — it is located next to Chewstick Lounge. Walk inside, and the staff in the open plan kitchen are busy preparing everything from home-roasted bell peppers to the signature seven-by-two-inch-thick Belgian waffles. There is a coffee bar, a dessert bar and a toppings bar with as many as 30 toppings available, ranging from an exotic mix of Greek olives, to a pepper medley to pineapple chunks, avocados and much more. 'This is the centre of operations,' said Kelvin Reese, who is the executive chef and whose dream this restaurant was. Hailing from the Southern states, Mr Reese has always loved cooking for family and friends, and so opening Foodworx Uptown Eatery some three years after arriving in Bermuda with his Bermudian wife, Dr Carla Reese, who is a physician, was a next step. The new restaurant is staffed by a team of seven, including Mr Reese. 'All hardworking Bermudians,' he said. Chicken n waffles ladled over with syrup is an ubiquitous dish in the South — however, the chicken and waffles at Foodworx are prepared to Mr Reese's special recipes. The syrup which tops the dish comes in two unusual flavours — banana lime, made with local bananas, and ginger jalapeno pepper. He said: 'This is a dish I would prepare, and then I had tastings. I asked people what they thought of the fare, and secondly, if a restaurant served it, would you go?' The positive responses encouraged him to put it on the top of their menu. There is seating outside the brightly decorated neighbouring Chewstick Lounge on the Elliott and Court Streets' sidewalk for al fresco dining, as well as in a private garden dubbed The Garden of Eatin' furnished with comfortable, weathered wooden tables and chairs. It is located on the other side of the premises where it may be possible to hear a gombey troupe practicing in the background. Eating indoors is also an option. People can dine on the signature dish, as well as a half-pound gourmet hamburger or turkeyburger topped with choices from the toppings bar, freshly baked thin-crusted pizza, also with the choice of toppings, or salads. And for dessert, there is an array of cheesecakes and cup cakes from Here's To You Delectibles, a new boutique bakery. 'We are a bona fide dessert and coffee bar — just come and chill — sip some coffee or tea, and have some cheesecake,' he said. A meal of chicken and waffles with dessert at Foodworx will cost between $10 and $15, said Mr Reese. Foodworx will be open on Mondays though Thursdays from 11am to 8pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to midnight. On Sundays they will open from 6pm to midnight. For more go to


Chef Shaquan Winters with the restaurant's signature waffles. (Photo by Mark Tatem)
The new restaurant is staffed by a team of seven, including Mr Reese. “All hardworking Bermudians,” he said. Photo by Mark Tatem
Kelvin Reese has always loved cooking for family and friends.