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Kid2Kid moves to Mangrove Bay

Kalita Furbert: Moving her Kid2Kid store to Somerset

A new venture to give used children’s clothes a new lease of life has moved.

Kid2Kid, a consignment store which started life in a Southampton industrial estate in May, has opened up the former CellOne building in Mangrove Bay.

Owner Kalita Furbert said: “It’s about the same size as the former place, but I’m on my own now. I was sharing with other people, but now I’ve branched out on my own.”

She added: “The business is growing great and we have more than 700 followers on Facebook so far and it’s only been operational for a month-and-a-half.”

And Ms Furbert said she planned to celebrate the move with a $2 back-to-school sale over the Labour Day weekend.

She added: “We’re not completely finished yet, but we have moved all our stock in to the new building.”

The store sells clothes, shoes, books and other items for children aged from babies to ten years old on a consignment basis.

Ms Furbert, who works in human resources, got the idea for the store after selling some of her five-year-old son Zydon’s clothes — and turning a profit.

Items are held for 60 days and, if sold, the proceeds are split 50/50 between the store and the client.

Clients who consign items can accumulate a balance and become eligible for cash back or store credit, while those who choose to donate used clothes can also get store credit.

When the store was launched, Ms Furbert said it was planned to also donate a proportion of the profits to charity.

Kid2Kid will also buy items outright, but only up to a limit of $50 per person per day.

The new store is open on Saturday from 10am to 4pm and on Sunday from 1pm to 5pm.