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Fire-hit restaurant reopens

Damaging day: a fire truck is seen on Reid Street last month to deal with a fire at Coconut Rock

A restaurant hit by fire has reopened after extensive work to repair the damage.

Coconut Rock on Hamilton’s Reid Street is back up and running after it was damaged by fire and its sprinkler system around three weeks ago.

Co-owner Christian Herzog said: “We’re delighted to be reopened — hopefully it will be a good Christmas.”

The restaurant suffered a fire in its kitchen, which although limited, activated the sprinkler system across the restaurant, which damaged the electrical system and appliances and drenched the public areas.

Mr Herzog said: “There was a lot of water damage. The fire was minimal but it was the two sprinkler systems which were set off which did the majority of the damage.”

Mr Herzog added: “We basically had to redo the majority of the kitchen and some other stuff — the flooring in the restaurant, which is laminate, might have to be replaced. That’s being assessed on a daily basis.”

He said kitchen stoves, the fridge and the electrical system in the kitchen had all needed to be replaced.

Mr Herzog added that the trigger for the blaze was still under investigation.

He said: “We’re still waiting for the fire department to get back to us.”