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Pizza makers fired up for the America’s Cup

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Onion Patch Pizza: J&B's Woodfired Pizza founder Tim Jackson with one of his tasty but healthy pizzas (Photograph supplied)

Former school principal Tim Jackson is set to teach the world about pizza — Bermuda-style.

For Mr Jackson and wife Michelle Brock Jackson’s J&B’s Wood Fired Pizza, founded only a few months ago, will make its debut as one of the five primary food and drink providers at the America’s Cup Village in Dockyard.

Mr Jackson said: “The adrenalin is going 100 miles a minute. I’m really, really excited.”

He added: “My wife and I talked about the America’s Cup and thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity to introduce our brand to Bermuda.

“We went through the process — thankfully we were one of the ones selected to serve as a vendor.”

The boost means the company will take on up to seven staff for the month-long event which runs between May and June.

Mr Jackson, a former Sandys Middle School head teacher, launched J&B’s after deciding on a change of direction — and the America’s Cup came along just as they were starting a new chapter.

Mr Jackson said: “Our focus is solely and primarily on being over-prepared for America’s Cup — we don’t want to be underprepared.

“We’ve been preparing for months and we want to be prepared to serve a variety of pizzas and our fresh lemon grass tea, which is also sugar free.

The couple, who specialise in healthy products with sugar-free bases and ingredients stood out from the crowd as an alternative to high-fat fish sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs and were in line with the ethos of a gruelling sporting challenge.

The pizzas will also have an island theme, with names like Onion Patch and Grease.

Mr Jackson said: “Our friends and families are ecstatic knowing we are just getting started.

“And to have America’s Cup as our first big event is quite exciting. Family and friends want to make sure we are well prepared to take on the challenges.

“I got a phone call from a cousin asking how many dough balls I’d made and how many I am going to have before it starts.”

Mr Jackson added: “Everyone is excited and thankful and I just want to have a great time in that environment.”

He said he had learnt about the potential opportunities through the AC35 website.

Mr Jackson explained: “I got the information, went through the vetting process, submitted a business plan and we just waited for the decision.

“The people who have been working with us at America’s Cup have been very accommodating and very professional.”

Woodfired: the pizza oven that is set to win over the world's tastebuds at the event village in Dockyard (Photograph supplied)