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Bermuda Pie Company joins the AC upper crust

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Pie's the limit: owner Kris Furbert, right, and the team at Bermuda Pie Company, one of the official food providers for the America's Cup (Photograph supplied)

The Bermuda Pie Company has signed up with the America’s Cup as an official food supplier for the event village in Dockyard.

And owner Kris Furbert predicted that the event would be a major boost for his business.

Mr Furbert said: “The America’s Cup is an international event. It will draw many visitors from all over the world to the island.

“We have a great product and we’re proud to be a Bermudian company showcasing one of Bermuda’s iconic dishes to the rest of the world.

“My hope is that we receive positive online reviews. This may help encourage other visitors to try our pies when visiting the island.”

Mr Furbert added: “As a local company that sells an iconic Bermudian food item, I believe that the Bermuda Pie Company’s presence at this event is important in contributing to the success of America’s Cup in Bermuda.

“This is a major international event and will draw larger numbers than most people on this island have ever seen.

“Visitors during this time will have the opportunity to see our beautiful island home and will also be shown the best of Bermudian hospitality.”

Mr Furbert said that island businesses across the spectrum would see similar increases in business from the global event.

He added: “Construction companies, legal firms, restaurants, grocery stores and wholesalers are just some of the industries impacted.

“For companies in a similar position to us, the America’s Cup is an opportunity for them to improve the quality of their products and services. You’ll have to if you want to survive the five weeks of the event.

“This will also better prepare the island to host and cater to other future global events, like the ITU World Triathlon events due to start in 2018.”

Mr Furbert said the he would introduce a special Gombey Pie in honour of the event, inspired by the island and its waters and featuring seafood, including lobster.

Other specials will include a St George’s Beef Pie and Bailey’s Bay Fish Pie, as well as a vegan option.

Mr Furbert said: “I’m proud as a Bermudian to see my island home winning bids to host events on this scale when we’re up against larger and wealthier nations.

“This helps to put Bermuda on the map and the more attention we get internationally the better.

“This may be just the boost Bermuda needs to set our hospitality industry back on track.

“When we host international events, it brings spectators who will also require accommodation, transportation and food among other things during their stay.”

Tasty fare: Bermuda Pie Company will be feeding fans in the America's Cup Village (Photograph supplied)