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Restaurateur: support your local businesses

A restaurant owner believes Bermudians should support local businesses more.

Walter Simmons, co-owner of Rotisserie Grill at Collectors Hill, in Smith’s, said Bermuda would benefit economically if locals decided to shop locally and recommend local restaurants to overseas guests.

He said: “Bermudian businesses, not just restaurants, need to be supported more. We should think not just about how I can go away and buy something for 20 bucks cheaper, but how local businesses hire Bermudians which keep them employed.”

Mr Simmons, his wife Emma Simmons and his twin brother Wilmont Simmons have just celebrated their tenth anniversary of the opening of Rotisserie Grill.

“We have been in business for over 20 years and the owners of Rotisserie for ten but recent years we have seen a decrease in business.” he said.

Mr Simmons blames the economic downturn for the deflation of business which impacted many companies in Bermuda.

He added that one way to boost business and to keep locals in jobs was to support each other.

The Rotisserie, he said, does not benefit from tourists. But he has started to reach out to hotels’ concierge services to gain more exposure in the hope of attracting more hotel guests.

“I remember when I invited the concierge team from a popular hotel in Bermuda to dinner to get a feel of the restaurant and what we offer - and even that was difficult,” he said.

Despite setbacks, he and his family strive to offer the best quality food and service.

Rotisserie is offering its annual Thanksgiving meal, which will include a variety of food such as turkey, ham, cassava pie and candied yams.

It also offers a catering service for Christmas parties and hosts parties within the restaurant as well.

For more information contact Rotisserie Grill on 232-7444

Buy Bermuda: Walter Simmons, co-owner of Rotisserie Grill (File photograph)