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Collaboration uncorks a social way to unwind

Unwind, network and mingle: Cushi Ming and Denzil Nelson, through their enterprises Uncorked and Wine Down Wednesdays, have created a new type of social scene that brings people together to unwind, network and mingle (Photograph supplied)

An opportunity for Bermuda residents to experience a better social life, with wine in the mix, has been created through a collaboration of minds.

Cushi Ming, 32 and Denzil Nelson 26, have introduced a new social scene for people of different backgrounds, careers and circles.

Mr Ming created his business called Uncorked in 2014, which is a customised wine experience aimed at bringing people together to unwind, network, mingle and have fun. He has a background in graphic design, website design and is a certified life coach.

“I am a spiritual person all round, which is the core of what I do,” said Mr Ming.

“People often hang around ones that are similar to them. Everybody likes wines. We have examples of people who made friends at Uncorked, and who have gone on to other wine events with each other. We want to move Bermuda towards social progress.”

The Uncorked events are in collaboration with Discovery Wines, a company that provides wines.

Business partner Mr Nelson, also a young entrepreneur, started doing an event called the Wine Down Wednesdays, which is an event held every Wednesday at Rumbar, on Victoria Street, during happy hour.

He created the event because of his passion to bring people together and provide something entertaining midweek. Having lived in and spent a lot of his younger years in Florida and the UK, he said he noticed the lack of entertainment on island.

He said: “I realised that there was a niche in the market as there was nothing to do on a Wednesday. I wanted to build a community that has a non-high pressured environment to explore new wines and have something to do.”

The two men believe that the collaboration of ideas and business will be beneficial to Bermuda socially.

“They compliment instead of compete” is how Mr Nelson describes this union.

Mr Ming said it was faith that brought them together. He added: “We were friends since we were about 15 years old. We know each other’s strengths. I believe that everything will happen in the right time, so it was just a natural process in us working together.”

“Once you are working on your connection with the divine source, or whatever creative force you consider the divine, things actually do work out a lot different.”

The men admit that having a good team is important for their success. Mr Nelson mentioned that they have amazing people by their side.

He said: “Our friends and family, his wine partners Discovery Wines, are in our corner. Just being able to see the love and respect they give Cushi was solid. My mom comes to Wine Down events as she is a professional photographer and takes the photos for free.”

In the future, the pair plan to host a walking tour that will be called South Shore Tasting Tours. This will cater to tourists and locals who want a change of routine.

“This walking tour will begin at Warwick Long Bay beach and finish at Chaplin Bay, we are in the process of becoming Certified Tourism Ambassadors.”

The pair are reaching out to Airbnb hosts, hotels and anyone working in the tourism sector to help market the Walking Tour and the Wine Down Wednesdays.

Mr Nelson added: “We want to get in touch with every single Airbnb host in Bermuda. If you are an Airbnb host or an event coordinator please reach out, we want you to meet us and get to know us for free, to make a personal recommendation for our Wine Down Wednesdays every single Wednesday. There’s nothing else to do midweek. The cost is $25 for unlimited wines and everyone who comes will also get 25 per cent off on wine orders.”

For more information visit Facebook and instagram @winedownwednesdays.bda or call 703-2920, alternatively on Facebook and instagram @uncorkedbda. The e-mail is: uncorkedbda@gmail.com