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Wade reopens studio after six years

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Bright outlook: Doris Wade at her new studio, Endless Creations (Photograph by Nadia Hall)

Doris Wade would paint 100 lighthouses a day. It was work, but the figurines proved healing to the artist who has lupus.

Her ill health forced her to close her pottery-painting studio X-Clue-Sive Creations six years ago. She has reopened as Endless Creations. The new name represents the myriad offerings — from mosaics to wheel-throwing classes to art therapy.

“And that’s not where I want to stop,” she said. “It’s an endless medium where you can do as much or as little as you want.”

Mrs Wade has been painting pottery for almost 30 years, starting at Island Pottery before opening her own shop in 2004.

“I still have my challenges but in 2012, that was a really hard spell for me. The economy — that put stress on me. I call this my dream child. I love what I do [but I couldn’t] do it any more.”

When she closed the doors, she studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art, seeking the therapeutic benefits that came from it.

“Being in remission for six years, I am a testament to that. This is a therapy,” she said.

“Having a passion like I have for pottery helps a lot. I found my medicine. I found what I need.”

She is thankful for her new business partner Tammy Stevens who convinced her to start again.

“It’s a blessing to have her,” she said. “I never sold the equipment, with the intention of opening up again one day. But how? Because I had her on my side it made the decision a lot easier.

“There are days that I really have this fatigue and the aches and pains and now I have someone who’s able to run the business in my absence. “

They were thrilled to find the two-floor location at Cavendish. She said they had a lot of fun opening up the former office space.

Mrs Wade credits her mentor, retired teacher Shirley Pearman, for guiding her towards art. She struggled academically, but excelled working with her hands.

“They don’t emphasise art in the school system like they used to,” she lamented.

“That’s an avenue that a lot of kids can use — I got A’s in sewing, I got A’s in cooking, I got A’s in art, but I was never one to sit down and type.

“Kids now are exposed to a lot. This is a way that they can express themselves in a positive way without going out and involving themselves in or getting himself in trouble.”

Endless Creations is located at 2 Cavendish Road. For more information, call 295-2529

Creative type: Doris Wade tries new painting techniques at her Cavendish studio (Photograph by Nadia Hall)
Brushing up: painting techniques, is one of the many classes Doris Wade offers at Endless Creations (Photograph by Nadia Hall)