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Select closures at Dockyard for fumigation

Temporary closure: fumigation at the building used by Diamonds International Bermuda at Dockyard has meant the temporary closure of a number of businesses in adjacent properties (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Businesses in Clocktower Mall at Dockyard and operations in a number of adjacent buildings will reopen tomorrow after a two-day closure.

The area was vacated yesterday to allow for the fumigation of the former Royal Navy base’s restored North Basin building 9 — which for the past three years has housed Diamonds International Bermuda.

While it is only the Diamonds International building that has been tented and fumigated, a number of neighbouring business have closed as a safety precaution.

Andrew Dias, general manager of West End Development Corporation, said Diamonds International is preparing to renovate and expand its premises in the building, and it was decided to take the opportunity to do a fumigation before that got under way.

Five neighbouring buildings and businesses have been temporarily closed as a precaution, they are the Clocktower Mall, Fryday’s Trampoline Park, Bermuda Transport Museum and mini warehouses on Apprentice Lane, and Dockyard Canvas on Smithery Lane.

Mr Dias said: “As a precautionary measure because the buildings are 200 years old, we have closed those that are in close proximity — we don’t want to take any chances.

“There could be one or two pipes that are connected, or have been connected 150 years ago, that we were not aware of. We took the precautionary stance so we did not have a problem.”

He said all safety precautions of the pest control company involved were being followed, including security to ensure the buildings remained empty throughout yesterday and today.

“It’s highly possible that we did not need to shut the mall, but I think it only makes sense.”

The buildings and businesses affected will reopen tomorrow, with the exception of Diamonds International, which will remain closed for the day. Businesses elsewhere in Dockyard have remained opened throughout.

The decision to do the fumigation at the start of the year was made to minimise disruption.

“We’ve been looking to do this for a while and this was the date that could accommodate all. We wanted to do this in the shoulder months that had the least impact, so we are ready for the new season. We always do these things during the winter months,” Mr Dias said.

Diamonds International Bermuda opened in the building in 2016. At the time the southernmost portion of the building was being used by Oracle Team USA ahead of the 2017 America’s Cup.

Referring to the plans of Diamonds International, Mr Dias said: “They are going to do extensive renovations and expand their offerings. This was a smart time to do it [the fumigation], so we don’t have to do it going forward in the next ten or so years.”