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Honours list reward for Bermuda figures

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Martha Dismont

Leading Bermuda figures have been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, including Martha Dismont and Carol Everson.

Mrs Dismont, the executive director of Family Centre, and Mrs Everson, a welfare case worker with the Bermuda Legion were both appointed a Member of the British Empire.

Meanwhile, Veronica “Ronnie” Chameau and Deborah Lyn-Ann Gillett were awarded the British Empire Medal for their contributions to Bermudian culture and mental health respectively.

Ms Chameau has received wide acclaim for her banana leaf dolls and her promoting of Bermuda history, while Ms Gillet has served and volunteered in numerous capacities within the Project 100 charity.

Gary Douglas Staines was honoured with the Queen’s Police Medal for his services to policing on the island, while Calvin Lee Smith and Gregory MacArthur Grimes were each awarded the Overseas Territories Police Medal. Also honoured were Vivlyn Cooper, Edward “Eddie” Fisher, James “Jay” Kempe, Malcolm Kirkland, Troy Lewis and Alda Raposo, who each received a Queen’s Certificate and a Badge of Honour. Ms Cooper taught on the island for 41 years, working at Dellwood Primary School, the Berkeley Institute and Harrington Sound School during her career, while Mr Fisher not only started a cosmetology training programme for Bermudians but cofounded Childwatch, a group dedicated to highlighting the importance of fathers. Mr Kempe and Mr Kirkland were both founding members of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, while Mr Lewis was credited for 20 years coaching football and working in football administration in organisations including the Bermuda Football Association. Last but not least, Mrs Raposo served as President of the Hospital Auxiliary of Bermuda’s Board and was part of a team who oversaw the renovations of the Pink Café and the new Barn.

This year will mark 48 years of service by Mrs Raposo to the Hospital Auxiliary of Bermuda — an estimated 13,000 hours.

George Fergusson, the Governor, said: “I am very pleased to send my warm congratulations to all those being honoured in Her Majesty’s Birthday Honours List. This is a remarkable group of remarkable people, all richly deserving of the honours being bestowed on them for their hard work and commitment to the people of Bermuda.”

George 'Eddie' Fisher
Veronica Chameau
Deborah L. Gillett,
Vivlyn E. Cooper
James 'Jay' Kempe
Malcolm Kirkland
Troy Lewis
Mrs. Alda Raposo