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Police urge public not to share crime footage

A top island police officer has warned of “unintended consequences” from the circulation of videos and photos of crimes being committed.

Detective Superintendent Sean Field-Lament said officers were aware of CCTV footage seen on social media last week of two burglary suspects outside a Paget house.

Mr Field-Lament added police were sympathetic to the “emotional reaction” of the victims of crime.

He said: “In particular, we empathise with the often visceral response surrounding burglary — which in essence is an invasion of privacy — and can be very traumatic.”

But Mr Field-Lament said people should have a “measured response” and “report such matters to police immediately”.

The 30-second video shot from a porch-mounted camera at the Paget home showed two men in motorcycle helmets.

One of the men was filmed removing a window screen while the second stands on the lawn.

Pictures showing two men — along with their names — were also shared.

Two men have since been arrested in connection with the investigation.

Mr Field-Lament explained: “Whenever CCTV captures evidence of a crime, such as a burglary, then the video footage itself becomes an exhibit that may be used in court.

“The police do not support the circulation of evidence on social media and such exhibits should instead be turned over to the police.”

He said that members of the public with camera evidence should contact police and turn over the potential evidence for examination.

Members who want advice on crime prevention can attend meetings held by Community Action Team officers.

An event for St David’s residents regarding recent burglaries will be held tomorrow evening at Clearwater Middle School from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Information can also be obtained by calling the police at 295-0011 or visiting www.bermudapolice.bm