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Waterslide video quickly goes viral

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Youtube hits: a man is shown soaring into the air over Hamilton Harbour from a lengthy slide from a Point Shares home in this video still from the viral video "World’s First Zip ‘N’ Slide - Bermuda" which was posted on Christmas Day

A film-maker’s latest stunt video could be on its way to becoming an online sensation.

Andrew Kirkpatrick added: “Our hope is to get one million views which in our books means it has gone viral.”

He was speaking after his latest project — “World’s First Zip ‘N’ Slide — Bermuda” — was posted on YouTube on Christmas Day.

The three-and-a-half-minute video shows men and women being rocketed into the sky from a slip-and-slide launch ramp and also splashing down in Hamilton Harbour from an overhead zip line.

The video had notched up more than 7,000 views by last night. Mr Kirkpatrick, 35, said he believed the stunt was the first of its kind.

The Warwick resident added: “We did a quick search for similar content but couldn’t find anything out there like ours, hence the name.

“It’s all about eye-catching titles when it comes to snagging the eye of browsers and I think that title piques your curiosity.”

Mr Kirkpatrick said the video — shot in Pembroke’s Point Shares — was recorded over about five days in a one-year period.

He explained: “Certain days the weather was poor or people were off island for one reason or another.”

The video was shot and edited by Mr Kirkpatrick’s video and photography production company Burnt House Productions, co-owned with Nhuri Bashir.

The pair have published video projects for 15 years.

Mr Kirkpatrick said the works were passion projects.

He added: “I would eventually love to get paid for producing these stunt videos — however it takes a bit of money to purchase the equipment needed to create these stunts, so it’s not cheap.”

He said a successful TV series could be created around future projects and that there were “a few ideas circulating” for the follow up.

Mr Kirkpatrick added: “What I will say is were are looking to create a Guinness World Record from it.”

He said that the latest stunt was the brainchild of two friends, Spencer Butterfield and Mike Wilson.

Mr Kirkpatrick said that each idea for a new video project always started with a conversation about something “cool to do”.

He added: “The next thing you know you’re hurtling through the air from that crackpot idea.”

Mr Butterfield, 37, said that the initial idea was to do something to showcase the island.

He explained: “We were trying to have it done before America’s Cup so that with all the visitors on island it would be an attraction.”

However, construction took longer than expected and the project was not completed in time for last year’s boat races.

Mr Butterfield added: “People have loved it.”

He said that he hoped the video would inspire new visitors.

Mr Butterfield added: “Hopefully, there’s people on the cold East Coast or in the UK that look at it and say ‘wow — I could be in Bermuda pretty quickly’.

“There’s some pretty cool footage of the harbour and it shows Bermuda as a beautiful place, so hopefully it’ll drive some tourism.”

John Singleton, of Above Bermuda Productions, provided the aerial and drone footage used in the video.