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I have to kick my freeloading boyfriend out of my life

Dear Carla,I am so sick of these weak Bermuda men! I am in the process of kicking my boyfriend out of MY apartment and I just need some place to vent … I pay the mortgage, car note, car licence/insurance, electricity, cable and telephone in my home — and all that I asked when you came to live with me was that you buy the groceries every week because I understood that your financial situation was not as stable as mine. I did not HAVE to take you in — you are NOT my child and I am NOT responsible for you. However, out of the goodness of my heart I agreed to let you stay with me until you sorted your living situation out. You had free reign of my home and you were even allowed to drive my car daily.The first few weeks were fine — after that there was an excuse every single week! I figure if you don’t have money for the groceries then you shouldn’t have money to buy drinks at the bars. And by the way, stop saying that I need to respect you as a man — seriously, how can I respect you as a man if you can’t BE a man? And is it too much to ask that you show up at my home at a decent hour? Don’t show up at my home at 10.30pm or 11pm — half drunk and just in time to have dinner, shower and go to sleep — I DO NOT RUN A BED AND BREAKFAST! Oh and that’s when you bother to show up at all after drinking with your fellow fools and falling asleep (so you and they say!).What I have noticed though is that those same fools have not offered you anywhere to rest your head when you’ve needed it, they laugh about how much “trouble” you’re going to be in for not going home or calling and then they turn their key in their own locks and leave you to deal with a woman with a serious attitude — just thought that I would point out how you’re biting the hand that feeds you! I have opened up my home and heart to you and you have totally and completely disrespected me. Do you seriously think that I have to take this sort of behaviour when you are bringing absolutely NOTHING to the table? I am not so desperate for a man that I would take this kind of behaviour! I don’t know what you thought you were getting when you moved in with me but I certainly hope that you didn’t think that it was a free ride and a fool to go along with it. Please pack your stuff and get out of my home — I’m not interested in where you go. I just want you GONE! OVER IT NOWDear Over, there really isn’t more that I can add to that besides I think there comes a time in every person’s life when they have to decide to end the insanity and walk away from whatever is causing the problems — even if it means facing that scary place called the ‘unknown’. I applaud you for taking such a firm stance but I think what’s more important is that you take a long hard look at yourself and ask: “How can I ensure that this doesn’t happen to me again?”Got a problem you want to discuss? E-mail carla@royalgazette.com