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Bermuda, the time for unity is now

“Irony…. Noun…the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite…” www.google.com


Recently much has been said about the need for “unity” in Bermuda.

People coming together for a common good of standing up for Bermudians, sticking together to find ways forward. Sounds darn right mouth-watering does it not?

Yet whenever Bermudians get together to stand up for one another they get labelled all forms of negative things.

Prime example, in January 2015 over five thousand Bermudians stood together in the cold and rain for three days.

Hundreds more took time to play support roles by carpooling, cooking food, caring for children and just standing in solidarity with their fellow Bermudians.

Ironically, what did the OBA have to say about that?

“last week’s industrial action was, quite simply, a case of the BTUC and its members protesting in favour of its own selfish interests” OBA MP Leah Scott February 10, 2015


“Bermudians just expect to sit back and have things handed to them...”

Often, far too often, we hear cries about there is no real “Leadership” in the Bermudian community. Or cries that Bermudians do not wish to get involved in community or political issues. Yet when Bermudians step up to the plate to get involved or take up unenviable positions of leadership, they are demonized and castigated by untold many.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity symposium at the Bermuda College.

There I saw a wide panel of Bermudians speak on topics under the banner “Diversity in Leadership.”

One of the panellists was asked “Was it worth it taking up the mantle of leadership?” “Secondly, how does this affect your professional career?”

His reply was, “Yes it was worth taking up the mantle of leadership, as many had fought hard to give my generation a chance to achieve our chosen professions.” Yet at the same time he was warned by others that if he took up that baton of civic leadership he would be almost putting an end to his professional career, which he is extremely qualified for.

Ironically this is how the OBA chooses to speak of Bermudians who take up leadership.

“…that trio of political bad news bearers, Bermuda Industrial Union president Chris Furbert, Rev Nicholas Tweed and Bermuda Public Services Union president Jason Hayward.” OBA Senator Georgia Marshall May 15, 2015


I speak of these two issues, “Unity and Leadership” for a few specific reasons.

Members of society tell our young people that they should stop the gang mentality of dividing themselves up by where they live or who are their friends.

These same members of society tell them come together and move Bermudians forward.

Yet ironically, when their parents and grandparents stand together in unity, the same members of society do a One Hundred and Eighty degree turn and call their Bermudian parents and grandparents “selfish and greedy.”

Our young people are told they should join organisations and take up responsibilities of leadership in our country.

Yet ironically, when they become Bermudian leaders, they are putting their careers at risk and vilified in certain media.

There can only be one thing to gather from these constant attacks on “Unity and Leadership.”

Seemingly, when Bermudian leaders unify the people, this is seen as a threat to the powers that be. Like clockwork, they have to find ways to attempt to diminish the influence of these “Leaders” and dissuade Bermudians from seeking “Unity.”

Ironically, those who proclaim “One Love” and “We cannot do it alone,” are practising and promoting the age old acts of “Divide and Rule.”

Our Time

Fellow Bermudians, leaders come and leaders go. Unity must always be the consistent theme in our way forward as a people.

We are blessed with an inner voice that tells us when something is right or wrong.

That same voice tells us when we must put petty differences aside and arise as a people.

Whether it be:-

• Church groups

• Community Clubs

• Fraternities

• School Alumni

• Sororities

• Unions

“Leadership” resides inside of each and everyone one of these organisations. More importantly, “Leadership” resides inside each and every one of us within these organisations.

The time for “Unity” is now.