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Some teasers for topics under development

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Guest panellists: the authors who read excerpts from their books at a Hamilton gathering

This column is rated U for Upcoming.

At the start of any good movie, or even the bad ones, viewers are hit with three or four previews of upcoming movies as a way to entice them to return to the theatre.

Here are a few upcoming columns that are in development for publishing over the next few weeks and months.

The Book Club

Recently, Oxford University held a very unique gathering in Hamilton. To be precise, the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities held an event celebrating the acquisition by Pembroke College, University of Oxford, of a collection of books on the history of race and resistance in Bermuda.

Selected readings from the newly acquired book collection were followed by a Q&A.

At the event, a panel of six Bermudian authors read excerpts from their books spanning multiple decades, which spoke on the historical and, some would say, present-day issues of racial inequality facing Bermuda.

The panellists present at the event were Eva Hodgson, Walton Brown, Dale Butler, Jonathan Smith, Ottiwell Simmons and Wendy Davis Johnson on behalf of her father, David Critchley.

In an upcoming series, we will look at the treasure load of information shared that night in front of a crowd of 200 persons from all walks of life.

The media or the mafia?

Over the past year or so, the Bermudian media landscape has endured some significant changes in the loss of traditional media houses such as Bermuda Sun, VSB TV and now DeFontes Broadcasting.

Likewise, there has been the rise of non-traditional online media such as Bernews, Bermemes, Today in Bermuda and Politica. We will take a brief look at the impact both pro and con.

More importantly, we will have a look at the impact of what some may call the media mafia.


It seems the Bermuda Government has finally decided to follow the world trend of legalising the green.

It appears to realise that there is massive money involved in the weed business and is looking to harvest sometime soon.

What could give one that impression?

Take a look around the island from Somerset to St George’s; from South Shore to North Shore. There is nothing but weeds everywhere. Never before in modern history has so much weed taken over almost every linear foot of public highways and minor roads.

Why are the weeds not being cut?

We will take a look at the logistics or lack thereof of why the roads are looking like one giant greenhouse.

Thank you

No movie, song book or column can be successful without a supporting behind-the-scenes cast and, most importantly, a supportive audience. Likewise no actor, singer, writer or columnist can be successful without support from behind or an audience.

I would like to take a column to thank those who have helped me along my journey over the past three years and showcase what they have helped to do for the fine art “columnism” in Bermuda. As they say on soap operas, stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Island churns”.