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World on alert for strange new war

Terrorists were still able to wreak havoc at the Ataturk International Airport in Turkey (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

Much of the world, especially airports, are deeply engaged in trying to avoid what some experts feel is the unavoidable when terrorists resort to bold acts of mass murder, with absolutely no regard for the innocent or even their lives, in trying to stamp an ideology of hatred against all who oppose a concept of brutal violence. This is done to create fear and a false dominance.

Millions in the Middle East have been uprooted with many lives lost in crossfire, and also the ocean has claimed numerous lives as desperate people crowd into any type of floating craft to escape the horror of bombs and bullets on a daily basis. Men, women and children are swallowed up in this dark new day of global terrorism.

When a boat sinks with entire families slipping into the deep, as though they never existed, it becomes a headline for a few hours, and then the world moves on to the next incident.

With each event, the world becomes a little more aware that terrorism in its varying deadly forms could usher in a new war against an enemy not easily defined.

With modern technology in security measures to keep people safe, terrorists were still able to wreak havoc at the Ataturk International Airport in Turkey, with more than 40 lives lost and scores injured. Once again, suicide bombers, the most feared enemy, have left a trail of broken lives and international concern as to what action should be taken to end what is fast becoming a war that threatens global stability.

In the wake of the latest deadly attack, which ignites memories of the recent Orlando massacre, security has been stepped up for numerous peaceful events around the world, as it would be a victory for the terrorists if the free world began to shut down out of fear. That seems to be what the terrorists are hoping for.

Perhaps that is why officials were quick to reopen the airport in Turkey a matter hours after the tragic attack. Some experts felt it was too soon for such a move, which might have damaged or destroyed crucial evidence at the scene. However, flights resumed with hundreds of passengers still wading through damaged parts of one of the largest airports in that part of the world.

Three suicide bombers, believed to be attached to the feared Isis group, disrupted life for many, but the world wanted to send a message that no amount of terror would win over those who believe in freedom and peace.

What is becoming clear is that those around the world who cherish freedom and peace will need to form a tighter unit to combat an element that is determined to kill in the quest for power over others. When free countries become embroiled in bitter political or economic issues, it could cause a shift from focus on terrorists, who never sleep in seeking ways to carry out acts of mass murder.

The head of the Central Intelligence Agency has warned that such attacks could take place anywhere in the United States. Not a comforting thought, given that Bermuda’s tourism emanates mainly from the US, and that Bermudians pride themselves in being world travellers.

This not a pleasant subject by any means and it would be great not to have to write about it. However, not facing up to potential danger created by terrorists could leave openings for yet more unspeakable tragedies. Whether it is a declared war or not, it remains a strange new war with no easy answers to the nightmare of those operating in the shadows, waiting to strike without notice.

Strong nations that hold freedom and decency high on their list of values, must together use their full resources to do whatever is necessary to keep the world a safer place for all. Just how this will be achieved remains to be seen.