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Daddy Daze: Love Hong Kong, hate jet lag

Whoever said it would only take “a few days” for me to get over jet lag — you’re a liar and we’re not friends anymore.

As soon as 3pm rolls around, it feels like I’m hit by a wave on Horseshoe Bay during a storm surge. I can barely think straight let alone take care of two growing, and increasingly vocal babies. They think it’s funny when daddy’s head is drooping and bobbing all around, but I really didn’t sign up for this!

Fine friend, I don’t really hate you but I will have a few words for you when I see you next.

As for Hong Kong? It’s awesome. The people, the scenery, the food ... did I mention the food? Dumpling and curries (Malaysian, Thai, Indian) have been my focus area so far. I haven’t expanded beyond those dishes yet because, why would I? I could spend weeks eating just those and not have eaten all the variations.

It’s so interesting living here.

On the one hand, in my neighbourhood we are (very) minor celebrities in the sense that most people really love twins. On the other, I’m practically anonymous because close to 30,000 people live in this one small area of my neighbourhood, in more than 30 apartment buildings which are almost 40 storeys each.

There are still remnants of British culture here: driving on the left, most people can speak English, double decker buses, etc and people are very polite. They only stare when you aren’t looking (I catch them out of the corner of my eye).

I found a loquat tree in my neighbourhood. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to adjust being so far away from the perfection of Bermuda, but God certainly has a way to ease some sorrows. Who knew that loquat trees grew in Asia?

The funny thing is you don’t really notice just how clean and pristine Bermuda is until you travel to other countries. Even the air in Bermuda smells clean; you can’t really get that anywhere else.

I miss my parents, and friends. I want them to see my babies, I want them to be able to see their development. Hopefully that can happen sooner, rather than later.

But these are the hard choices you have to make to help your family. You never know how long something is going to last, but you have to take your chances when they present themselves because opportunity is like a solar eclipse. If you’re prepared for it, then you can catch it.