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Sadly for dads, mum’s the word

OK dads, let’s talk. Here we are, minding our own business, handling our duties and spending as much time as possible with our children — holding them, hugging them — and what do we get?

Screams of bloody murder as our babies look desperately for mommy.

Of course, when mom comes to save the day, all is right with the world. Then, it’s all smiles, roses, honeycombs and kisses.

Do not become jealous of mom.

It’s a completely natural response to feeling unwanted part of the time, but look at the bigger picture: you aren’t mom — mind-blowing stuff, I know.

Your baby is going to love you in a different way than they love their mom, and that’s OK.

From my perspective, it’s as much a physiological thing as anything else — mom has the food.

So, for most babies, this is their first instinct and it is very powerful.

Don’t fight it. Don’t get upset about it. The babies literally can’t help it.

Think of it as a positive. Don’t take it personal. It’s taken me a while to get used to that process.

I try so hard though! All the nights rocking my babies to sleep. At times it would take two to three hours when they had a slight colic issue.

I needed to adjust my attitude and stop thinking the babies should be grateful for what I do for them. How silly is that? They don’t understand effort or dedication yet.

My older brothers would tell me all the time that I was a chore to put to sleep or to soothe.

They’d have to rock me for hours, walking up and down the hallways singing lullabies.

It’s my turn now.

Thankfully, my girls have a bit of their mother in them and don’t need to drive in a car for an hour to fall asleep. Yeah, I was like that too.

Sounds like I was a bit of a diva child the way I put it but honestly it wasn’t like that most of the time.

I think I just loved my family so much I didn’t want to miss any time with them. That sounds about right.

I’m actually really happy that my babies fuss and cry until they get mommy.

It’s her reward for all the great work she does for them. My wife is awesome and the babies know it.

It’s the best feeling in the world when you know you are needed and loved.

The babies have started to reach out for my wife as well. That’s like icing on the cake.

I know they’ll need me for different things soon, and this is just a temporary circumstance. But I love every moment of it, even when I need to check myself once in a while and see the bigger picture.