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Falling in love with yourself (again)

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Breathe through your worry: try meditation this month

During January, we reflect on the past year and set goals for the upcoming 12 months.

“Love ourselves more”, “spend more time on me”, “eat better”, “lose weight” — we have heard them all.

We all start off strong but by the time February rolls around, somehow we lose focus. We allow work/children/partners/life to get in the way and within the four weeks of January, we are back where we started.

Every time you hop on an aeroplane, you are given a safety walk-through.

You are reminded to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others. But somehow by February, the most love-filled month of the year, we forget to love ourselves.

How can we be the best employee/parent/partner if we are running on empty? When did we forget to love ourselves first?

How can we fall in love with ourselves again this February:

1, Eat foods that show your body love. When we do “treat ourselves” it tends to be with unhealthy foods or a sugary drink.

There is nothing wrong with an unhealthy treat once in a while but don’t make a habit of “unwinding” or “treating” ourselves with overindulgent foods that don’t love us back. Break this habit.

Find something other than food to reward yourself: a good book or that T-shirt you have been eyeing up at Modblu.

2, Breathe. Okay, confession time. This yogi struggles with meditation. Instead of finding my inner Zen, my mind races one thousand miles an hour. I worry about everything and anything. I get angry and frustrated. I forget to breathe. If you ever want a good laugh, watch me try to mediate.

I mention all this because we all struggle with staying still; with letting go of the worry; with breathing. Try to invest 15 minutes a day in sitting still, in just breathing through fear, worry, anger, pain.

3, Sweat. A workout tends to be my moving meditation. I don’t have time to think of anything other than the present moment. Discover your moving meditation, that workout you can’t wait to attend weekly. I promise you it is out there, it just takes some trial and error. Find a workout partner and try out as many classes as you can. Make a weekly fitness date and step out of your comfort zone.

Think back to those goals you set yourself in January. What was your inspiration? Who do you want to make proud? Sometimes these goals can seem overwhelming, too big to conquer.

Take a step back and remind yourself of what you started. Maybe the reasons you lost track by February are the exact same reasons you set these goals for yourself in January. Make February about falling in love with the journey all over again.

Get a sweat on: make your workout your friend and love your fitness efforts in February