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Art inspired by a simple but powerful message

Simple message: A painting by Bermudian artist Carlos Santana

When I arrive at an art exhibition, I always pause and listen to my heart.

I know that it directs me to the work that will be special for me, the one with a meaning that will touch my soul and reveal a secret hidden in the artist’s vision. This time was the same — my heart brought me to a special painting.

There was an art opening at the wonderful Bermuda Society of Arts, in the People’s Gallery, at City Hall last Friday. This evening was especially well attended. The bright and spacious rooms were filled with a diverse and interesting crowd in a festive, holiday mood.

Several artists presented their works, each style completely different. Radiant angels, contrasting black and white portraits, contemporary sculptures, charming watercolours on cedar wood, bold abstracts.

As people flowed from room to room, there were hugs, kisses, laughter, loud voices, cheerful music, camera flashes, and warm words of congratulations. The gallery buzzed like a hive of happy bees.

A message was written on a huge, white canvas in black and red paint: “Don’t forget why you started.”

Just words, no picture. I closed my eyes and saw a procession of images, bright and strong mental pictures that triggered feelings and emotions deep in my past. It is so important not to forget your inspiration, your purpose, the initial stirring of your soul, and why you decided to change something, to try for something.

Why did you start to do what are you doing now? Consider the hundred things that moved you to begin your journey. Think about what you want and where you wish to be.

Is it still clear to you? By the time we have realised our goals, we have often outgrown them.

Does your destination still speak to you? Is it as powerful and desirable as in the beginning? Are you closer or further away? Have you become lost in the forest? Or, is your path still firmly beneath your feet?

I talked with the painter, Bermudian artist Carlos Santana, and asked him what the painting meant to him.

He told me that he became a professional artist five years ago and this work reminds him that he left his regular job and became a full-time artist because it is both his passion and his mission in life. It’s exactly what he should do.

It was so in tune with my thoughts and feelings.

When you are overcome with doubt and despair it is essential to have this unshakeable confidence.

Always remain true to yourself and your goal. The dream, which started everything in motion, is the author of your efforts, the guiding star that shines for you through the darkest nights.

On those days when things do not go well, when there is no inspiration, in times of desperation and non-recognition and struggle, don’t forget why you started.

When you begin to question yourself and ask if you are on the right track, don’t forget why you started. In those night-time hours when desperation and disbelief in your own strengths stop you from sleeping, don’t forget why you started.

Even when defeat seems overwhelming, you will find the strength to strive and persevere.

Nina London is a certified wellness and weight-management coach. Her mission is to support and inspire mature women to make positive changes in their body and mind.

Share your inspirational stories with her here: www.ninalondon.com