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A new Bermuda is required for us to be truly ‘another world’

Through the centuries: a cover of St Augustine’s City of God. According to columnist Khalid Wasi, as far back as the 4th century, the idea of creating a metropolis of opportunity existed — “Rebuild the wasted cities” was the slogan. He writes a new vision is precisely what Bermuda needs

I have been pondering over several city and county names such as New York, New England, New Brunswick, and the list goes on.

The common factor is the term “new”, but probably just as common is that at one time these were new visions by persons somewhat daunted by or disenchanted with their previous experiences, where they were either left out of the equation or marginalised.

This led to a restriction in expansion and a decision to launch out and alter their fate with a new beginning.

We often hear the slogan “Bermuda is another world”, but as each day passes and we become more informed, we begin to realise how much we resemble many parts of the world and its problems.

Notwithstanding where there are problems, there are solutions.

There is nothing more powerful than a vision of a new world of opportunity.

As far back as the 4th century, when St Augustine wrote the book City of God, the idea of creating a metropolis of opportunity existed — “Rebuild the wasted cities” was the slogan.

A new vision is precisely what Bermuda needs.

We have fumbled around with all sorts of terms such as Progressive Labour Party, United Bermuda Party and One Bermuda Alliance.

Unfortunately, all were predicated on our divisions, with agendas that served one side or the other.

But we have a common heritage that, once tapped into, surpasses all our divisions.

A “New Bermuda” has within it the implicit offering of building something completely new.

A “New Hamilton” can mean only a Hamilton that is without the elitism and bias of its past, and would be filled with a new hope.

There can be nothing more important to a country than its people, and we have a 400-year history that is unique.

Given we are only 21 square miles and because of the stability of our beginnings, we have preserved unlike any other country the captive DNA of all the founders — British, African and Native American.

This is a marvel and a true uniqueness.

A new Bermuda would incorporate all that we are and all that we have become over the span of 400 years.

We do not need to separate our selves into little enclaves and camps.

We can break the racial bubble with the acceptance that, for the most part, we are more a tribe than a race.

It’s so easy to do; we need only to begin and the process will take over.

Christmas is coming up and it will be a good time for families of different shades to come together in the spirit of family and Christmas.

It may be the first time you recognised each other as cousin or family, but it must begin somewhere.

No, a new Bermuda cannot be built on a fairytale or social dream. It must be firmly based on an economic idea.

Entrepreneurship has been the bedrock of Bermuda and must never be suppressed.

If we want a better Bermuda, may I suggest the password for our future is “New Bermuda”.

The human has the capacity to recreate and if they don’t, they are bound to repeat themselves.

That’s not a prediction; it’s the law coded in nature.