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Dancing is a simple recipe for happiness

Good vibes: Nina London (Photograph by John Loh)

When I learnt that DJ Felix was going to run a special music broadcast during Bermuda’s lockdown, I immediately wrote to him: “I want to be in it! I want to cheer my beloved Bermudians up!”He loved the idea, and I went to work.I called my radio presentations on Ocean 89 “Good Vibes from Nina London!”For three weeks of the month-long shelter-in-place order, I prepared a cheerful and positive message which I read aloud, recorded and then sent to Felix every day. These messages were only two minutes long but very important for me. Although I was stranded far away from the island, my heart and soul were in Bermuda with the people and the country I love and miss so much.My dear readers, I would like to share with you some of these messages.1, Dance like nobody is watchingAn immediate mood booster and a great way to get energised is through the magic of music and dancing. When we dance we let go of our worries and our minds clear like blue skies on a stormy day.Dancing is a simple recipe for happiness! Have you ever noticed that when you dance you smile? You don’t necessarily even need a partner. It can be just you and the music.Are you afraid you don’t know how to dance? Don’t worry because everybody can dance. Turn the volume up! Just put your hands up and start moving with the rhythm. There are no rules, just be spontaneous! Dance like nobody is watching!Throw your inhibitions out the window. Dance from that part of your soul that wants freedom! Dance to feel silly, or sexy, or graceful. Let the music guide you.Have everyone in your household pick a favourite song, one that is special to them, then dance together. I guarantee you will be laughing before you know it! Just do it! 2, I love the simple but powerful five-minute rule, and it helps me in my life tremendouslyIf I can do something within five minutes, then I do it immediately with no procrastinating. At the very moment you feel the urge to call, write, support, help or hug someone who needs it, just do it! They need it right now, not later! When you need to apologise, do it immediately! You will forestall anger and resentment that might linger for years. When you forgive, forgive sooner than later, and you will release the harmful feelings you carry in your heart and soul. We are always in a hurry, misplacing our priorities, forgetting that life is swiftly rushing by. When it turns out that we miss those opportunities we say to ourselves with annoyance or in pain: “Oh, if only I did it then! What in the world prevented me?” The time to do something good is now. Just do it!3, Cherish your positive thoughtsOur thinking is like a garden that we cultivate. Its condition depends on how hard we work; it can be flowering, blossoming, full of beautiful fruit-bearing plants and plentiful trees. But this happens only if we tend it all the time, and shower it with enormous patience, compassion and love.Pull out by the roots the weeds that are our negative thoughts. Do not allow them to overgrow and overpower our good thoughts. Sow the new seeds of positive ideas and cherish them. Pay attention to their growth and development, watering them every day. You will soon enjoy the magnificent flowers and fruits of positive thinking: success, happiness and personal growth will blossom before your eyes!We are so accustomed to complaining about life that we often do not notice how much we do it. I have a simple exercise that helps me. I look hard at my situation and find five positive aspects in it. For example, now you can spend more quality time with your kids, you can cook healthy meals, you can take a nap, you don’t need to be always in a hurry, you can finally read the book you were planning to pick up off the shelf for so long. Perhaps, this time was given to us so we can slow down and review our priorities? 4, Keep believing in loveWhy and when do we become so sceptical and stop believing in love? I often hear such declarations as: “I stopped looking. I do not have the strength to look for someone, I can’t open my heart.” Have you ever thought that we often construct obstacles to love filled with unsuccessful dates, shattered expectations and bitter divorces? We stop looking forward to a bright future with someone; instead we look back remembering past failures. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves a chance to believe that love still exists, and we could still find it. We don’t give ourselves permission to love, and we are stuck in relationships that ended years ago. I believe that we all have a small but bright spark of hope at the very bottom of our souls. It is a belief that somewhere there is someone special for you. How to make that spark flare up and not go out? Forgive yourself and the person you once loved and let go in peace. No matter how difficult it is to take this step, it will give a long-awaited release. You will find yourself open for a new love you never dreamt of. 5, Today will be your best dayMorning sets the tone for my entire day. Like the violinist before the concert who carefully touches the strings of his instrument and listens to the beautiful sounds, I want to touch my soul and listen to its marvellous harmonic melody. I start my morning watching the magic moment of the rising sun. I watch the red circle above the glittering ocean. I put my face under its gentle, warm rays and close my eyes. The beauty unfolding in front of me takes my breath away. This is the birth of a new day with countless opportunities, a day that I can fill with joy, kindness, and warmth. I smile and say: “Hello, sunshine, hello new day! Today will be my best day! I will make it so!”And, I stop and realise that significant change often starts with something small. Try to do something you never tried before that will make you happy. Maybe start the day with a hug, a kiss and a laugh with your loved ones, or call your friend and go for a walk on the beach. Raise your head and look at the rising sun.It is shining just for you! • Nina London is a certified wellness and weight-management coach. Her mission is to support and inspire mature women to make positive changes in their body and mind. Share your inspirational stories with her at ninalondon.com