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Our readers have their say

We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of comments during the week on stories on www.royalgazette.com. Here are a selection from three

Retailers back ‘bigger and better’ Harbour Nights This is exactly the type of forward thinking and initiative that Bermuda needs. Well done Chamber and lets get behind them Bermuda. For years we have been asleep at the switch and referred to as “Boremuda”. Creative thinking and new ideas need to be celebrated and supported. The tourists have literally begged for more things to do over the years ... I am proud of the chamber for leading the charge.

Stephen Thomson:

Riley: It’s about time Bermuda stopped being so stuck-up and stuffy. We don’t need to let it all hang out but we need to get the word out there that Bermuda is fun. Harbour Nights is the best thing we seem to have going and if we can improve on that, great. I think this is an excellent idea!!!

Dawn de Toilet: I for one support harbour nights but as a possible vendor I feel that the rate to have a stall at harbour nights makes it near to impossible to make any money. Why don't you lower the rate back to the season rate of 100 for the season so more of us can afford to make this enlarged harbour nights have more stalls and different ones. Since not all the items are “made in Bermuda” how about having an “International bazaar” at one end and then “Bermuda made” in the rest of the area so that us entrepreneurs can sell our stuff too.

Just an idea! Why not just sell Bermuda drinks like Rum swizzles and dark and stormies and forget the hard stuff and beer? Also you will have to ask for ID otherwise anyone of any age will be drinking then we will have a problem. A suggestion is a stamp on the hand when they have bought one and a stamp on the other hand when they have two and limit it to two. Just a thought.

Gardenbug: I am all for changing up Harbour Nites, the last time I attended it was rather “tired”. However is alcohol the way to go? Or if our senses are numbed by alcohol perhaps we won’t be so inclined to notice the “white washing” of the tiredness? If tourist need a drink to get them through Harbour Nites ... perhaps they should enter one of the bars or restaurants in the area vs putting pop up booths out there? On the positive side, I do like the idea of adding more entertainment, as other than the Gombeys’s and the “vendors” there wasn’t much there anymore. It might be a nice addition to bring in some demonstrations as well. Ie a potter throwing pots, a glass blower etc and add more food vendors..

Nonbelonger: God forbid that Front Street will not be like the French quarter the morning after. It is filthy, a sea of plastic cups and vomit. All that plastic would be blown into the ocean — just want we need. Most people see Bourbon Street through an alcoholic (or other drug of choice) haze. In reality it is really sleazy.

Why do we have to emulate anyone? Bermuda is unique and we should be able to come up with ideas that are ours.

mangohills: I can ‘t believe that the Chamber wants alcohol to be allowed. Bermudians drink to much as it is!

Half Full: I love the idea of revamping harbour nights- however I do not support the selling of alcohol. Currently the alcohol drinkers are contained in the bars during harbour nights ... which I think is appropriate. I don’t think it's a good idea to have drunken fools stumbling around a family event. I know that's a bit extreme but you know that is a sure possibility. Whenever I have been to harbour nights we’d walk around a bit and then stop at one of the bars for a drink ... It wasn’t an inconvenience.

Jack: The timing of this is very questionable to me and once again begs the question as to whether people really understand what we are facing and what we need to do to turn it around. The Bermuda money supply is still falling and prices are still going up, so as a result volume turnover must fall. Disposable income is still falling and tight for most, here and for those who arrive on our shores.

You have an event that was sparse and lacked zest and are going to effectively increase the supply- the demand side is the problem. I do think the event needs to be driven by locals and then reinforced by tourists- like Cup Match. Unfortunately the powers that be will not take the medicine until there is nothing left. I may be wrong but your windmills are all in your heads in my opinion.

‘Pitbulls: Lovable and Misunderstood’

Me: I am proud to have a pit bull! Any dog can bite but it is how they are trained. Ban the people, not the breed!

Yup yup: Suggestions:

1. Muzzle them in public, so those in the vicinity, particularly parents, feel / are safe

2. Provide safe, secure and adequate accommodation for them at home

3. Licence the ownership and breeding to control inbreeding, maintain standards and care of ownership, encourage responsible ownership and control of the animals

4. Create a dangerous dog registry to achieve the above.

Riley: Sorry but I just don’t buy that these are a lovable and gentle breed. I don’t buy that they are ‘misunderstood.’ Maybe your dog is sweet and gentle for now but do something out of the ordinary and it will turn on you in a heartbeat. These are dogs that when seeing an infant crawling on the ground will pounce and attack it. Many horrified owners have found this out the hard way. If a pit bull sees another pillbull attacking you-it’s owner-will go into pack mode and join right in and attack you, its owner ... many a horrified owner has found this out the hard way.

These dogs are unpredictable and hard-wired to act a certain way-they just can’t help it. There have been many a pit bull owner who has been attacked by their own dog who they believed was a sweet, gentle angel.

In any case, we don’t need them here. The ban needs to continue forever until the ones who are alive all die out. Any illegally bred dog should be put down. There are tons of proven gentle breeds of dog so why does one need a pit bull? Why not a Golden Retriever? Most people who own these dogs like walking them and seeing the crowds part because most people are intimidated by them. It’s all a power thing. One doesn’t get quite that same reaction from walking a Beagle, now does one?

plpdefender: Riley any dog could be a bad if it is trained that way but if a rottie or pit is trained to protect than u going have to do a lot of work with that dog u cant just sit him in a cage/back hard cuz he going have lot energy build up and no were to release his energy I bet if u take that same golden retriever or beagle and leave them tied up all the time they would be a beast to compared to that pit/rottie that you take out and let them use up there energy.

Dinty Moore: Last summer a man walked his “pit bull” into the public playground east of Warwick Camp. There were several children, parents/ grandparents and other adults enjoying themselves at the time. (including yours truly)

The dog started barking loudly and tried to pull the owner towards the area where most of the children were playing. The adults grabbed the children and headed for the car park, while the owner shouted “ he wont bite you people.”

Needless to say, he was ignored and within a few minutes the playground was empty. I’ve refrained from commenting, and simply stated the facts.

No No No: Back in Victorian times the PitBull was known as the “nanny dog” because of their loyalty to the family and protection of the children. Fast forward to now: Some people use this loyalty and protectiveness to make this dog into a vicious thing, all the while forgetting that with these dogs as with everything, need time, love and attention into it to get a lovable and wonderful companion. My pit bull is my baby.

The problem nowadays is that no one wants to use their time and energy to make anything better and instead of fixing a problem, they make a label that says: “bad”. So pitbulls=bad, guns = bad, fried food and soft drinks= bad. No matter that any of these things can be fixed if used properly and with good intentions (and by guns I mean in North America where some people enjoy target shooting or the like) or moderation as the case may be.

BHC: 16 proposals for Grand Atlantic complexIt should be turned into tourist accommodations with one of the buildings being transformed into a Spa ... The Reception/Check In area could be on the ground floor of that same building ...


One World: Please do not entertain them as seniors home. Damn they have stairs. you know this will be the next problem.....it is just common sense a seniors home should be one level

flikel: “The response to date has been more than favourable”

I am confused. I thought buyers and investors were running away from these condos because they were going to fall into the ocean. I thought this was a disaster waiting to happen.

Now, this property is generating significant interest from local and overseas investors? What happened to all these fears? What’s the situation with the questionable cliff that everyone seemed to focus on? No one is going to spend large sums of money if they truly believed there was a reasonable chance of these condos becoming ocean bound. Makes me think the ‘fears’ about the safety of the cliff and of the condos were just a bunch of lies.

Ty: Question to whomever — If this complex is turned into anything other than housing accommodations for locals. What becomes of the lone resident up there now? Will all other ideas be built around that tenant or will they be bought out to make way for whatever changes may come.

TruthSayer: Just a thought ... could be wrong

But what about the idea of dorm rooms for Bermuda College ... It could be good for our youth to have the feeling of not having to live at home while attending college. Give them a sense of independence and allow them to gain experiences of “going alone”.

And it could also be used for “foreign” students. Yes that may sound crazy. Why would anyone come here. Well, people train away to come here to work in insurance. Why not try to attract them off the bat. It would lead to money coming in from elsewhere. It would give the expats that come here more of a connection before they even start working. It would attract better teachers (domestic or abroad), as well as other positives I’m sure.

Its seems like at least an idea to consider, if only to shoot it down, or help the brain think of other options besides selling it off.

BananaRepublic: How about an expat housing complex for new expats? Charge them $5000 per month rent, lock them in for the term of their work permit and when they realise that this isn’t 2001 anymore and rents have dropped by 50 percent, threaten to revoke the work permit if they want to move elsewhere on the Island.

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Published April 27, 2013 at 9:00 am (Updated April 27, 2013 at 7:48 am)

Our readers have their say

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