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Special thanks to special people

Chris Famous (File photo by Akil Simmons)

I stopped believing in the Easter bunny the first time I had to call Belco to get my kite out of the wires.

I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy when I saw mom paying Dr Chudleigh to extract one of my teeth. I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I realised there were no elves working at the Annex.

So, here we are at Christmas and I have no more fairy tales to believe in. What shall I do? What shall I believe?

I believe in giving thanks to those who have helped me along my journey as a columnist, to those who have helped me along my journey as a journalist, and to those who have helped me along my journey as a person. Muchas gracias.

Today I would like to take a few ounces of The Royal Gazette’s ink to thank a number of you.

Thank you to my wife and children who support and encourage me to continue doing what I do.

Thank you to my friend Makai Dickenson who suckered me into writing my first ‘Letter to the Editor’ in March 2012. Somerset people always have something up their sleeves.

Thank you to former editors of The Royal Gazette, Bill Zuill and Jeremy Deacon, for giving me a hard time printing my letters. You made me more determined to be the voice of the downtrodden.

Thank you to radio host Larry Scott who declared: “We are at war; all persons must do what they can to bring truth to light.”

Thank you to radio host/ journalist Sherri Simmons, who insisted that facts must be investigated and then presented to the people in a way that encourages them to become critical thinkers.

Thank you to TV journalist Gary Moreno, who shows what fearless investigations are truly about. He would do himself well by investigating why Tottenham Hotspur suck year after year.

Thank you to Ayo Johnson who seems insistent on always pursuing the truth.

Thank you to the staff of the now defunct Bermuda Sun for your dedication to telling the stories of all Bermudians.

Thank you to my friend and mentor Tony McWilliam. Thanks, man, for inviting me to “evolve” beyond my letters to the editor and giving me space twice a week to tell the stories of Bermuda and elsewhere. Oh, yea, thanks Scouser for the three points in the Manchester United vs Liverpool game last week.

Thank you to Tim Hodgson for helping to silence the demagogues. Bermuda is better off because of it.

Thank you to Larry Burchall for finding a billion new ways to explain debt every week. I think we get the message by now, Sir.

Thank you to John Barritt for expounding the need for Government transparency and bipartisanship. Your message is taking hold.

Thank you to my research team who help me to find the facts, figures and quotes every week. You help to bring to the people the important data they need to make critical decisions going forward.

Thank you to my sister, Roslyn Famous, who edits my pieces before I submit them. If you ever need a kidney, my DNA matches yours.

Thank you to those behind the prison walls who have sent messages of love and support. Fret not yourselves, brother and sisters. You will come home one day. Stay up.

Mi familia. Most of all I wish to thank the thousands of Bermudians who have supported my writing for nearly three years. Every week you spend a dollar or log on to read what I have to bring to you. You stop me in the street, send me e-mails, or call me on the phone.

Some of you send messages to me through my parents. Many of you share your life stories of both pain and glory. You have insisted that the truth be researched and told.

Some of you support the PLP. Some of you support the OBA. Nevertheless, week after week you support a fellow Bermudian by reading my words. Each one of you believes in me as I believe in you.

For that, I love you all. Happy holidays, Bermuda.