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Greed usually a close companion of power

AP Photo/Ebrahim NorooziJubilant Iranians sing and wave Iran flags during street celebrations following a landmark nuclear deal, in Tehran

Millions of people around the world have paid with their lives when power, greed and politics become so entangled that, in a maze of confusion, proper sound values are shoved aside in an atmosphere where whoever has the loudest voice commands the day and those who aspire to respect, honesty and truth are regarded almost as pawns in a chess game.

These three elements have long been a concern for civilisations for centuries and there is little indication that there is likely to be any dramatic changes in a world where the struggle for power is ceaseless, even when it comes to some nations linked to terrorism who it is generally felt would use nuclear power for further conquest.

This is a problem that not only affects leading nations of the world, but anyone on Earth who is in danger when power, greed and politics embrace each other to a point where the lines are blurred and people are left wondering whether there is any hope for a better, peaceful tomorrow.

With deep divisions in the United States Congress over an agreement with Iran over certain aspects of a deal that Barack Obama claims will make it virtually impossible for that country to develop a nuclear bomb, the debate continues as to whether such an agreement is rock-solid when some reports indicate that Iran is noted for finding ways to get around complex terms they find unsuitable for their long-term objectives.

Although President Obama has declared that the controversial agreement will be based on verification, and not trust, there is still strong objection to the arrangement by both Republicans and also Democrats, who feel the existing agreement falls short in stopping Iran from pursuing nuclear capability farther down the road. It is no secret that Iran has expressed in clear terms that Israel has no right to exist, and any potential for Iran to achieve such a weapon, no matter how long it takes, would be of great concern to Israel.

Once again power, greed and politics mingle in a dangerous manner where unbridled hatred for this or that group holds the potential for a dark chapter in history to repeat itself with unthinkable consequences.

Last week marked 70 years since nuclear power was used by America to bring the Second World War to an end in Japan, and to this day the use of such a weapon remains a controversial issue around the world. As thousands, including survivors, gathered to remember the many thousands who perished in a flash in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, there were renewed cries for the elimination of all such weapons.

It was a time to reflect on the awful suffering any war can bring to people anywhere on this Earth, and a grim reminder that as long as power, greed and politics have centre stage, the potential for history repeating itself will always be there.

As the American campaign gathers pace in the search for the next president, one can only wonder whether decency, respect and dignity have been thrown under the bus in a new age of reality television that focuses more on what is exciting than what is based on well-grounded substance for improving the quality of life for all.

When there is great power, a close companion is usually greed. Inject the political twist and the stage is set for a real challenge for the people. They must decide who they feel is harnessed in the values they want from a leader, who should be both humble and bold in upholding values that any society can cherish to make this world a better place.

For the moment, we should all remember what nuclear power can do and hope that no one ever has to pull the trigger that would result in another unthinkable moment.