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Gazette bias against OBA is obvious

Dear Sir,

The front page of today’s Royal Gazette (Friday, June 8) clearly showed the Progressive Labour Party bias of the paper.

For example, and according to your own figures, in yesterday’s by-elections, the One Bermuda Alliance received a total of 761 votes against 675 for the PLP. But the front page made it appear as if it was a PLP triumph.

There is no doubt that the PLP won in Warwick North East, but was it such an overwhelming victory?

Of the approximate 1,260 voters in the constituency, only 375 voted PLP, 300 for the OBA, and there were some 575 who did not vote.

Hardly a ringing endorsement, with fewer than 30 per cent of the eligible Warwick North East voters actually voting PLP.

Just the facts.



Editor’s note: The Royal Gazette goes to great lengths to be seen as impartial, especially in the ultra-combative world of local politics. If OBA supporters are insistent we are pro-PLP, while PLP supporters continue to posit that we are pro-OBA — pro-UBP in a different life — we are closer to arriving at a utopian state where our impartiality cannot be questioned.