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Premier must take lead on offensive Burch

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Cabinet position: Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch

When will the Premier publicly censure Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch over a series of offensive remarks that undermine the status of a Cabinet minister?

Colonel Burch has dismayed us all with his regular use of misogynistic remarks such as telling my colleague, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin that she “carries the water for them”, his pejorative use of the words such as “Indian” in reference to our chief justice, and recently he used parliamentary privilege to try to undermine an independent senator.

He has criticised his fellow Bermudians, saying in the House that his countrymen had “evolved into self-centred, selfish and uncaring public who look to the Government to solve all of their personal issues, up to and including changing their diapers”.

As a Cabinet minister, he should be held to a high standard, but he consistently falls below that. Is this the kind of behaviour the Premier wants to see from his ministers?

Is he happy that a minister has deliberately attacked his fellow Bermudians? The Premier should tell us where he stands. By being silent, we have to assume he not only condones this kind of behaviour, but agrees with what is said.

Craig Cannonier is the Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance and the opposition MP for Devonshire South Central (Constituency 12)

Craig Cannonier