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Some of Paul Loftus' quick-fix time-saving measures

office and call them five minutes before they are due to leave. They will get to the point much more quickly.

E-mails. Do not constantly check e-mails. Check them only in the morning, at lunch and before leaving work for the day.

Time wasters in your office. When somebody comes into your office, stand up, and they will be forced to stand also, and will also leave more quickly. Do not keep chairs in your office. If you have meeting, bring in chairs for it.

It will discourage people to stay and chat.

Time wasting at meetings. Have an agenda and stick to it. If somebody goes off on a different matter, arrange to deal with it separately and get back on track. Take the average wage of everybody in the meeting and work out the hourly rate it costs for a meeting and work out if it is an efficient use of time.