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Avoiding burnout is key to wellness

Arianna Huffington: Appreciate life along the way

When she visited Bermuda, Arianna Huffington made it clear that wellness is not just about getting fit and eating well.

While those two components are very important, there is another part — recognising what is around us and being grateful for what we have.

She put it much more succinctly, saying: “We always live as though we are breathless, always out of time, always rushing from one thing to another.

“We constantly tell ourselves that we are running out of time, but we are missing the joys and beauty of life and we often forget to be grateful for what is working in our lives.”

She told the audience that burnout was not the answer, adding: “The truth is that what matters is how connected are we with our own wisdom and intuition and capacity to make good decisions.”

With Oprah Winfrey, Ms Huffington, the editor in chief of the Huffington Post, has started a six-week course (ttp://www.oprah.com/app/thrive.html) called Thrive which, among other things, gives tips for small changes in your daily habits that will transform your life as well as methods to help decrease stress and burnout.

It was burnout, when she collapsed, that made Ms Huffington change course. She told the seminar at the Fairmont Southampton: “We were brought up to think that the more hours we spend in the office, the more productive we are going to be, but modern science proves that is completely wrong.”

Colonial Medical Insurance is a massive supporter of wellness — that was one of the reasons for bringing Ms Huffington to Bermuda, but we do realise that there is more to wellness than just a morning jog.

Stress and burnout can also be damaging to your physical and mental health and they should not be neglected.

So with summer around the corner, do some mental spring cleaning! Find time to relax and focus on yourself whether its reading, yoga, shutting your phone off. Take a break.

Set a goal — Whether the goal is for fitness, lifestyle changes, or nutritional it will help keep you motivated. Make sure the goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely).

To help stay healthy remember to get the right amount of sleep of 7-9 hours each night. This will allow you to be more alert and feel refreshed each day.

Naz Farrow is the chief operating officer, Health, Colonial Group International