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Business start-up seminar attracts 50

Entrepreneurial tips: Pictured, from the left, are Tory Darrell, Roxanne Christopher, Steve Skowyrski, Frederica Forth-Anglies, Ray Jones, Zina Edwards and Belcario Thomas

More than 50 people attended a seminar aimed at helping would-be entrepreneurs set up their first business venture.

The seminar, organised by Roxanne Christopher, the North East Hamilton economic development coordinator for the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, featured a line-up of five presenters and businesspeople from Bermuda and abroad.

Presenter Zina Edwards Malcolm, publicist for Brand Lion, helped attendees to understand the importance of creating and maintaining a brand for a business.

She highlighted local small business, Orange Bay Company, and said: “In order to connect to your consumer you have to be authentic, be an expert, be consistent, show your value and tell your story.”

The event was held on Tuesday night at the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) headquarters in Hamilton.

Steve Skowyrski, who describes himself a a global entrepreneur, spoke to the audience about alternate ways to gain financing to start a small business.

Mr Skowyrski has helped to start up businesses all over the world and drew on his experiences to provide some specific tips for the audience on how to raise capital.

He said “In 2014 there has been over $10 billion raised for businesses as a direct result of crowd funding, including companies in Bermuda.

“Don’t be afraid and prepare your business to seize every opportunity.”