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Watson’s departure ‘will not affect Act’

Robert Watson resigned as chief executive of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda on Tuesday

This resignation of Robert Watson, chief executive of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (RAB), is not expected to affect the introduction of the Electricity Act, according to the Bermuda Government.

The Act, a draft of which has been tabled in Parliament, will increase the remit of the RAB by transferring oversight responsibility for the electricity sector from the Ministry of Economic Development and the Energy Commission to the Authority.

At present the RAB is the watchdog organisation for the Island’s telecommunications sector.

Mr Watson’s departure was announced on Tuesday. He led the RAB for nine months and resigned for personal reasons.

Responding to questions about the impact of the resignation on future developments regarding the Electricity Act, Grant Gibbons, Minister of Economic Development, said: “A change of CEO at the RAB is not expected to adversely affect the introduction of the Electricity Act.

“The Government is continuing to work on the timetable for the ultimate transfer of regulatory responsibility from the Ministry and the Energy Commission to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda.”

On Tuesday, RAB chairman Carl Musson said he hoped the departure of Mr Watson would have minimal impact on the work of the RAB, and that the organisation’s skilled staff would carry on “the critical functions of the Authority pending the appointment of a replacement chief executive”.

Dr Gibbons expressed a similar view. He said: “The Government has every faith that the staff at the Authority will press ahead with their important work while a new CEO is being recruited.

“We are committed to reform in the energy sector. Regulatory and legislative policy will continue to be reshaped for the benefit of the community.”

The RAB’s legal advisor Kyle Masters has been appointed interim chief executive.