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Debt blocks your creativity

Cutting the cloth: Live within your means

Cutting the cloth. If I have learned anything about small business and entrepreneurs as well as families, institutions, and government over the past 30 years it is that debt kills! Too much debt smothers your confidence, diminishes your energy and initiative, and blocks creative thinking, and, as a result, the actions that are necessary to make changes.

Breaking this reality and making changes requires the courage to make significant changes to your business or life model such that you regain control of the finances and start a programme to reduce the debt and create discretionary cash flow.

A word of caution — this is not a fast track but a slow and deliberate process that is planned and also carried out with enthusiasm and energy. Be the tortoise not the hare — slow but steady progress gets you to your goal!

“You cut the cloth to fit the pattern you desire, not the pattern to fit the cloth – you live with what you have!” – David Hills