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All working together to achieve more

Way ahead: the Olympics is shining example of endeavour, co-operation and teamwork (AP Photo/David Goldman)

We are in the middle of the Summer Olympics. One thing really strikes me as one watches various events. The focus seems to be on the medals, but when you look at the quality of the competition, the amazing skills that all of these participants display and their dedication and passion you realise that these games are really about striving to do your very best.

Just to qualify you have to attain minimum levels and although there are many who excel beyond these (and some amazingly so) the real message is that anyone who puts their mind to something can achieve a great deal.

As the rest of the events unfold this week look at all of the competitors, the number of countries they represent, and look at how they are together as a group of Olympians.

It is one of those times when the world is working together to present a unique canvas of skills. It is apparent to us all that this type of co-operation needs to be extended to all of us in our everyday lives.

“Team! Together Each Achieves More!” - Gary Busey