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Elevating our game

David Hills

Most of us have heard the phrase “elevate your game!”

We all use elevators to move from lower to higher floors in a building. In your personal and business lives what do you do to move up and provide a better level of service to your community, your family, and your business?

What are the factors that influence how you learn, grow in experience and capability, and make your mark by using those skills to improve things around you?

We have watched the Olympics where those that took advantage of the opportunity by elevating their skills often surprised themselves with the result they achieved.

So as we move towards September and a new beginning let’s all assess what we can do to be better and to make a significant contribution to our world.

“It should be our purpose in life to see that each of us makes such a contribution as will enable us to say that we, individually and collectively, are a part of the answer to the world problem and not part of the problem itself” — Andrew Cordier