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Digital revolution happening right now

Moving forward: a number of Microsoft experts spoke at the Microsoft CXO Bermuda Forum held at the Hamilton Princess

A business perspective on the digital changes impacting the world now and in the future, has been presented by Microsoft to executives in Bermuda.

The first Microsoft CXO event on the island was an opportunity for the technology company to present innovations and solutions that are helping its partners navigate the shifting digital landscape.

The event was given the title “Bermuda Empowered”.

Microsoft speakers Ricardo Agosto, Rita Picarra and Renatto Garro presented aspects of how the company is working to “empower businesses for the digital transformation”.

Monique Ragbir, marketing lead for Microsoft WI, said: “Digital transformation is not the future, it is happening today in companies large and small.”

She explained that in a survey half the respondents said that by the end of 2016 they expect their company to be completely digitised; by 2019, this number should have reached 83 per cent.

“It’s not a traditional large scale, one-off transformation, it is a pivoting to a mindset of ongoing innovation, updates and continual growth.

“The changes are not going to happen overnight, but every journey starts with a single step.”

The event was held at the Hamilton Princess yesterday. Many of the attendees were senior managers and executives.

Ms Ragbir said digital transformation may be considered the next industrial revolution, “providing the catalyst for new businesses, models, products, services and experiences, that impact not only businesses, but society as a whole”.

She added: “To date it has been largely focused on operational efficiency, but the potential is much greater.

“Digicel business is the creation of new businesses designed by blurring the physical and digital worlds

“If your company is to survive you must adapt these thinkings and practices.”

Ms Ragbir said there were three key messages.

“The first is that during this digital transformation we have to innovate for the future and stay a step ahead to meet the transformation for our customers, and Microsoft is here to help you with that.

“The second is we will simplify the transformation for you the customers and focus on key areas: engaging your customers, empowering your employees, automising processes and transforming your products.”

She said the third message was to show how Microsoft’s solutions will offer “greater choice and flexibility that are easy to get started on and are affordable and powerful”.

Mr Agosto, Microsoft’s territory manager for Bermuda, spoke in more detail about the digital transformation and how it is reflected in changing business models from Uber, to Amazon’s ambitions to achieve deliveries with drones, and Microsoft’s shift from software licensing to subscriptions.

Ms Picarra, financial controller for Microsoft LatAm New Markets, demonstrated efficiencies and high-performance analytics that can be achieved through the company’s Power BI data tool.

Other speakers were representatives of Microsoft partners in Bermuda, namely Fireminds, Arcos Technologies, Inova Solutions, Emergence Corporations, and SoftwareONE. The companies sponsored the event, alongside Bermuda Microsystems Group and The Certus Group.

Microsoft viewed the forum as part of its investment to help guide its customers to go digital.

In a statement it said the agenda was to “address practical concerns such as how to use technology to empower employees, engage customers and local technology partners will feature presentations offering localised perspectives on digital transformation and process optimisation”.