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Three-wheel rental scooters on the horizon

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Getting around: A group of four young Bermudian entrepreneurs hope to bring ScootCoupe three-wheel scooters, like this one, to Bermuda to be rented out by visitors

A group of young Bermudian entrepreneurs are gearing up to rent three-wheel rental scooters to visitors early in the new year.

It will be all systems go once a Bill allowing such vehicles to be used on the island’s roads is passed by Parliament. The legislation was tabled earlier this month.

“We’re very excited. We’re hoping for the Bill to pass and it’s just an overall great, enthusiastic feeling for the whole team,” said T.J. Clark, 33, one of four partners working on a project to bring ScootCoupe vehicles to the island.

Mr Clark and business partner Justin Robinson won support for their idea from the Bermuda Tourism Authority in 2014 as a result of the Tourism Experiences investment process.

But the lack of proper legislation put everything on hold. They also encountered a set of local entrepreneurs with a very similar ScootCoupe plan.

Rather than compete, the pair decided to collaborate with fellow Bermudians Tulani Bulford and Paul Ross.

Mr Bulford said: “Seven out of 10 tourists have never ridden a motorcycle in their life, but most tourists have driven a car. So we felt this vehicle was a slam dunk. It hits all the safety aspects and it gives the users the freedom to roam around the country.”

The group said safety is of paramount importance and the main reason they went with ScootCoupe.

The two-seater vehicle has a 150cc engine, three-point safety harness, a roll cage, lockable trunk and glove compartment and will require helmets to be worn.

Mr Bulford said promoting the ScootCoupe rental experience to visitors under 45 years-old is a major part of their plan.

The BTA has reported double-digit growth in younger visitors arriving by air this year.

New legislation is expected to allow vehicles no more than 60 inches wide and 115 inches long, which would include ScootCoupe and other makes like the Renault Twizy.

The BTA is on record as supporting the introduction of small rental vehicles for visitors. At the annual Bermuda Tourism Summit, local hoteliers also voiced support.

Watch a video showing the three-wheeled scooters at https://vimeo.com/192017646

Young entrepreneurs: Justin Robinson, left, and TJ Clark are half of the team aiming to rent three-wheel scooters to visitors (Photograph supplied)