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Deloitte Bermuda goes ‘all in’ for diversity

Equal opportunity: Deloitte says its “All in: accelerating gender and inclusion” strategy will deliver on its commitment for diversity and inclusion, and accelerate representation of women in leadership roles (Photograph supplied)

Deloitte says it has reinforced its commitment to maintaining an organisation where everyone has equal opportunity to grow, develop, and succeed.

Its “All in: accelerating gender and inclusion” strategy is designed to deliver a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to accelerating representation of women in leadership roles.

While a primary focus of the strategy is on accelerating women in leadership, Deloitte said the impact will extend to all underrepresented minorities, and will promote “a more inclusive culture for all”.

John Johnston, managing partner, Deloitte Bermuda, said: “We aren’t partially in … we’re ‘All in’. Gender parity and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility — and we all need to take action to achieve it more quickly. ‘All in’ matters at all levels of our organisation. It is a long-term investment — we cannot change gender representation in leadership overnight, but we can cultivate an environment where we are developing the next generation of women leaders for years to come.”

He added: “We should acknowledge that indeed there are differences between individuals, cultures, and generations in the working environment. Respecting, embracing and drawing strength from these differences allows us to create the best possible outcomes for our clients, our people and society.”

In a statement, Deloitte said: “Inclusive behaviours generate inclusive cultures, and Deloitte is therefore devoted to strengthening and sustaining a culture that is safe for individuals to express themselves freely and fully.

“There is a holistic view of diversity that looks beyond usual measurements. A view that includes the varied perspectives and aspirations of Deloitte’s people, because it is understood and appreciated that new ideas come from diverse ways of seeing things.”

It said that globally and locally, it has aligned its purpose to make an impact that matters with clients, its people and communities, and doing do by efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion, and accelerating gender equality at all levels.