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From Bermuda to the moon and back

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The antenna that communicates via radio waves aimed at the moon.

@$:Most tourists come to Bermuda to visit the pink sandy beaches, swim in the warm waters of the Atlantic, and play the occasional round of golf.However, for German tourists Angelo Cargmel, Jochim Werner and Dithmar Davde the real excitement begins when the sun goes down.The HAM Radio enthusiasts have travelled to the Island to shoot radio waves at the moon in an attempt to talk with people around the world.While HAM Radio has been around for decades, the method and equipment the German trio are using is still relatively new and Daude claimed they were the first to try it in Bermuda.When asked why they decided to come all the way to Bermuda to use their antennae, Daude replied: “It’s a hobby. This type of equipment, using HAM Radio has never been activated in Bermuda; we are the first to do it.”The antennae take approximately five hours to set up and are made from fibreglass and aluminium. These antennae transmit three frequencies: a 2m band, a 70cm band and a 23cm band. The men adjust the antennae for 15 minutes to follow the moon as it moves across the sky, all the while transmitting these frequencies to its surface.When the frequencies bounce off of the surface of the moon, they can be detected by people with similar equipment, who send their messages back. After receiving a permit from the Department of Telecommunications, Cargmel, Werner, and Davde brought the kits containing the antennae to Bermuda and set up camp.After three days they have already communicated with 120 stations around the world including the United States, Japan, South Africa, Russia and Werner says “almost all of the countries in Europe”.“We hope to communicate with places in South America and Canada by the end of our vacation,” he added.

German tourists Dithmar Davde, Jochim Werner and Angelo Cargmel are visiting the island to communicate via radio waves aimed at the moon using a series of antennae.
The antenna that communicates via radio waves aimed at the moon.