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Will a new year bring a new look?

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Bright spark: Khianda Pearman-Watson likes to stand out by wearing vibrant colours

The New Year symbolises a fresh start.

It is a time to make peace with the mistakes of the past and move into the new year with a bright sense of hope.

Fashion is often looked at in the same light.

Style experts project that 2015 will be filled with fringed hemlines, flared pants and dainty ruffles.

But if that is not your thing, you can always create your own rules.

The Royal Gazette’s Lifestyle section asked three people to give us some insight on how they might improve their style in the coming year. Here’s what they said:

Khianda Pearman-Watson, 20, university student

Describe your style? I always like to stand out. I don’t like to be the same as everyone else. I might try things that other people wouldn’t wear, or if I see someone wearing something I like I’ll think of how I can incorporate it into my own style. I also like bright colours. In the UK people always wear dull colours, so I stand out that way.

Who’s your style icon? Not necessarily just for her style, but I look up to actress Lupita Nyong’o because she’s beautiful on the inside and out. We should all look to be beautiful, not just so that others can see on the outside, but beautiful from our heart as well.

What do you want to incorporate into your style in 2015? Last year I saw a lot of people wearing Doc Martens, but I found them in this metallic colour that most people don’t have. I just hope that whatever the big designers bring out this year I can incorporate it into my outfit. I always try to think about how I can make something my own and personalise it. I’d say people should make sure they are themselves in 2015.

Cejay Outerbridge, 18, graduate

Describe your style? I’m just me. My style is relaxed, comfortable and something that looks good.

Who’s your style icon? I like Wale and Meek Mill. They both wear some nice, clean shoes and just have a clean, good look.

What’s something you look to incorporate into your style in 2015? I’ll probably take more risks and go outside the box a little more. This past year I went around a lot trying to find a job after getting my diploma as a small engine technician. I had to look presentable so people would take me seriously.

Gordon Cox, 29, accountant

Describe your style? Given the time of year and that it’s a bit cooler, I like knitted sweaters, nice shoes and a good belt. I suppose my style is clean but classic. That’s what I like.

Who’s your style icon? David Beckham. He always looks sharp in pretty much everything. He’s probably most men’s style guru.

What’s something you look to incorporate into your style in 2015? More boots. David Beckham likes boots, so I might try and mix it up a little and pick things that are a little more contemporary and classic.

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