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Finding time for fitness with family

Earn that iPad!: including the children, using fitness as a game to earn rewards, will help you stick to your goals

As traffic moving into Hamilton reaches a slow halt, we are reminded that schools are back in Bermuda.

I am sure most parents are excited to have their children back in school after a long summer, but let us not get so caught up in routine that we forget to carve out time for fitness.

Countless studies have shown that exercise allows children to absorb more information and help them pay attention for longer in a classroom.

With this information so readily available, it seems insane that we don’t make time throughout the day to move.

So how do we create a routine that sticks, without taking time away from homework and family time?

1. Split it up throughout the day:

Being active for 60 minutes might seem like a stretch. Splitting up your workout throughout the day might make this more manageable.

Get the children involved in a plank-off before breakfast or maybe jumping jacks before an afternoon snack. The more you make different workouts a part of your day-to-day routine, the more your children will get used to these exercises.

2. Fitness before iPads:

We get it; sometimes it is important to decompress with a movie.

Before you or the children sit down with the electronics, make sure you get a sweat on. Maybe X many push-ups gets X many minutes on the iPad, or do a running race around the house before TV time.

3. Don’t beat yourself up:

Some days won’t go as planned.

Some days all your planning will go out the window. You have to plan for your days to go unplanned.

Don’t give up because you have one or two off-days. Your children and your body will thank you later if you make the effort. The more these become routine, the less of a struggle they will become.

•Cassandra Matcham is a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga instructor, studio and group fitness manager at Alchemy Fitness. She specialises in accountability and goal-setting to help clients reach their full potential. Follow Alchemy Fitness on Facebook: AlchemyFitnessBermuda or e-mail info@alchemy.bm