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How to arm yourself against self-sabotage

The holiday season is just around the corner and we need to talk about something we see often: self-sabotage.

I am the queen of self-sabotage. As soon as I have a few weeks of healthy eating and exercise, I hear a little voice in the back of my head: treat yourself, you deserve it!

One mini-package of Starbursts turns into a handful of candy wrapper evidence plus a toothache.

One missed workout turns into a week of being stagnant. This is the vicious cycle that we see time and time again.

The problem with this habit of eating unhealthy and staying still is that it becomes harder and harder to start back up again and, worst of all, you don’t see progress.

We may slip up slightly, but instead of jumping back on the health wagon, we binge for the rest of the week.

How do we enjoy the holidays without letting them turn into a three-month binge?


Fill your plate with mostly vegetables, but be aware of hidden sugars. Pumpkin and root vegetables tend to be higher in sugar. You may think you are being healthier with a plate full of these vegetables (this is still a better option than a slice of pumpkin pie) but stick to the greener, leafy vegetables.


Watch those drinks! When a client asks us for easy weight-loss tips. The easiest way to lose those pesky 5lbs is to give up drinking. A glass of wine can be up to 200 calories and all those extra sugars add up! Plus, unhealthy foods and skipping the gym tends to go hand-in-hand with drinking to excess. It is OK to enjoy yourself over the holiday, but not at the expense of your health. Yes, one treat won’t hurt, but how often and in what quantity are these treats actually happening? Be honest with yourself and don’t self-sabotage just because you have had a few weeks of healthy living!

•Cassandra Matcham is a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga instructor, studio and group fitness manager at Alchemy Fitness. She specialises in accountability and goal-setting to help clients reach their full potential. Follow Alchemy Fitness on Facebook: AlchemyFitnessBermuda or e-mail info@alchemy.bm.