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Search for man reported overboard 150 miles from Island

Ships and US naval aircraft are searching for a 29-year-old crew member who reportedly fell overboard from the Bermuda-registered cargo ship MV Livorno Express.Bermuda Maritime Operations was notified by the vessel’s captain at 2pm yesterday.The man, an Indian national and an engineer aboard the ship, was discovered missing after he failed to report for a watch.Following a search of the vessel the man was believed to have gone over, at a point 150 miles south-southwest of Bermuda.A Maritime Operations spokesman said: “We contacted the US Coast Guard, and a search commenced with aircraft. Other merchant ships have been approaching the area, and the ship itself backtracked immediately.”He added it would be a large search area with a six-hour period since the crew member was last seen.“It’s safe to say there will be a heavy sea which won’t make the search any easier.”Bermuda authorities spent the afternoon into the night alerting ships in the area.